It's that time of year again!  Remember last year when you said, 
"Wait til next year!"?  Well, it's next year.
This set celebrates the New Orleans Saints.  If you are a Saints Fan, you understand.  If not, there is nothing I can say that will clear it up for you. 
Who Dat? We dat! This is a celebration of the Saints. Winners of the 2009 Super Bowl.. They have overcame the down-trodden years of being never spoken about in the news except for the mention that they were losers. Even after winning the Super Bowl that first year, the sports talk was always about other teams. In 2011, they were finally "primetime" in discussions.
Yes, the management, coaches and others have a lot to do with what happens on the field. But, what it all comes down to is the players and most of all the loyal fans, who have over the decades have had the resolve to be behind the team all the way.
As in the past, this current conflict shall pass. I believe the team has the resolve to make it through these problems.
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