My Hero

I was drowning, and he saved me!
He came, breathing life back into my soul.
He pulled me from the depths of the deep dark waters
And showed me the light so that I might see.

My Hero, receives no medal or award
You won't find his name in the paper or on the news
He doesn't request much for his deeds
Just that you love Him is his reward.

To My Hero

In Tribute to You for my life:

Alone On A Hill

There was a time when He was thine
And all the world was sweet and kind
Through His eyes there was no wrong
So to us He came to sing His song.

As He walked o'er this land we trod
All the world began to prod.
Love and peace He tried to teach
So among the earth He began to preach.


Love Me as you love My Father
Or for your souls He'll not bother
Many of His friends began to follow
From sea to sea and hollow to hollow.


Where were His friends who loved and cared
Where were the people whose lives He shared.
One betrayed Him, by another He was denied,
But, not once did He lose His pride.

I can't imagine a walk so long
When not one could remember His song.
He never doubted the love they shared
And to the end He always cared.

Alone on a hill
We tested His will
Only one dared to ask to be forgiven
For this he shared in Heaven.

The day became dark
And on the earth God's anger was wrought
For One who loved us so dearly
We had mistreated Him so severely.

His love for us He has shone
Although, on the hill, He was left alone.
He'll come again to this earth some day
Maybe we can all repay Him in some way.

Let us not forget to do our part
For us He has given His life, His heart.
Alone on a hill
Yet, He loved us still.



My Hero, Jesus


Copyright © 1981-... by Wanda Venable. All rights reserved
permission granted to theBud Studio to reprint. This is not available for reprint by any other entity without written consent from the owner.