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Currently in the Louisiana Category. More to come soon! Also, please read the Terms & Conditions for usage of these designs.
And as usual, remember to change the links in the file to Your URL, including the Facebook link, should you choose to use these designs.
Get a browser to view the proper Look of these designs at Firefox.
All files are included in the zip that are required for each template - images, stylesheet, the shtml file and javascript files, etc.
Most of the work is already done. You just need to make adjustments that suit your needs. Thank you.
French Wrought Irondownload
Spanish Wrought Irondownload
Green Velvet Magnoliadownload
Magnolia 1download
Magnolia 2download
Magnolia Conesdownload
Quilted Pelicandownload
Mardi Gras 1download
Red Metal - Crawfishdownload
Red Metal - Musicdownload
Red Metal - Pelicandownload
Silver Fleur de Lisdownload

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