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Windows 10 Upgrade

OMG, I am so tired of Windows 10 updating over and over. I tried it, didn't care for it because didn't suit my particular use.
Now I'm stuck with continuous failed update attempts and files having to be removed every time. So I'm guessing that I will have to live with the decision to update.

Don't like the Window's Explorer search function. Always comes up "No Files Found", even though I know the file is there. Added to library as suggested, and that eats up additional space on hard drive.

Don't like the browser. I still had to use old IE browser to do what I needed.

But, mainly, very unhappy that Microsoft downloaded something to my PC that I can now not get rid of for whatever reason.

My 2 sons love the Update, but they just mostly do gaming, and don't use IE browsers ever.

I hope those of you who have updated to 10 are having better luck than I am.
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Get ready for football!

Congratulations to LSU Tigers, UL-Lafayette and the New Orleans Saints!   Download
Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on their WIN Yesterday!Saints fans.  Download
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Welcome to The Bud Studio

Since 1996, I have been creating homepage designs and distributing as linkware. I, along with my dear friend, Cheri, became partners and distributed designs so that anyone with no knowledge of coding could put up a homepage and created--, theBud Studio, The Mad Tea Party. The Rose Garden, and Cheris World. Times have changed over all these years, and I am creating new as well as re-vamped designs from the past. I also am working on updating The Mad Tea Party which is our site for recipes and the Rose Garden for gardening tips and information. Cheris World is no more. However, I am the proud owner of her designs, and I have added them to the Bud Studio.

I have completely updated all the designs that are currently available as of April 30, 2012.
I have also updated the Terms & Conditions. As always the designs are linkware. If you would like to give a donation, you can click the donation button and you will be taken to
Pay Pal.
There are still more templates coming. And as always, everything necessary will be in the downloaded zip file. Just add your content and you are good to go. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you.

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