My Recipe for Boiled Crawfish from our sister site The Mad Tea Party ©1996


First you get a sack a crawfish (usually around 40 - 50 pounds.)
Second you dump the crawfish in a big tub.
Third you fill the tub with the crawfish in it with water and pour a box (maybe 2) of salt over the crawfish.
Now you let them spit for a while.
While the crawfish are spitting, you get your boiler ready.
Okay the boiler: The boiler consists of a burner, a butane tank and a Big pot.
No, better get a Bigger pot. Lots of crawfish to boil.
Fill the pot with water (about half way).
Throw in some patates (pronounced pa tot, means potato), some corn on the cob, some onions and lots of Crab Boil one box, maybe 2.
When the patates are done remove the veggies from the pot and start tossing in the crawfish.
Boil the crawfish about 10-12 minutes and turn burner off for about 7 minutes, let crawfish steam in the pot.
Remove from pot. Toss onto table covered with newspaper and prepare to eat.
The best part!!
50 pounds of crawfish will serve about 10 pounds to 5 people. Depending on the size of the person, that is.
You got your crawfish, you got your veggies.
Now how to eat crawfish.
First you grab the critter by the head with your left hand (right if you are left handed) and you grab the tail with your right hand (left if you are left handed).
Break the crawfish in half.
Now, suck the head and eat the tail(some of us do like to peel it first though), and you got it.
You MUST keep your elbows on the table at all times, otherwise the juice will run down your arms onto your nice clean clothes.
The newspaper will absorb any run off.


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